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Person of the Week

He's one of those guys who grew up wearing a plastic pocket protector and thick black glasses (taped together), and watched Star Trek too much, though he's recently reflected that he never joined the A/V club. (more…)

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    True Confessions

    Around the World on $33.50

    I met a woman, 50 years old, traveling alone around the world with one suitcase and a handbag. Kate—divorced with two children—earns a modest living as a teacher for the hard of hearing. The trip was a major financial decision so she had been planning it for a while. (more…)

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    I need a new car! Should I get a car loan or use a home equity line of credit?

    A lot of car dealers now offer 0% financing and it’s tough to beat that. There are also lots of low-interest car loans with fixed rates, which means your payment will stay the same for the life of the loan. But if you’re admiring (more…)

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