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Person of the Week

Billy Shakes grew up in the Bronx with no dad, no money, and no hope for the future. He got sent away for 4 years and returned to rap about the Street. Sounds like the same old story, except that he went to Middlebury College and his hustle is now stocks and bonds. (more…)

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    True Confessions

    Cosmetic Fix

    My first time in a Body Shop, I was awed. The lighting told me I was in a special place: warm incandescence instead of harsh fluorescence. And the wonderful smells—no medicines or cleaning products like the drug store to confuse my nostrils. Just a clean colorful fruitiness. (more…)

    Talk to MoneyPants

    I am a single mom of twins that are Seniors.I travel for work. I have no extended family. I find time is my enemy. I cannot seem to get everything done and keep track of my money and paperwork. I am feeling overwhelmed and disorganized because I AM !!!! I am so tired at the end of the day and have to run to a football game, etc that I am not getting everything done that I should. Now that finances are getting tight due to extra expenses I have to get a grip on it . I have no idea how I got this disorganized. Am I alone? Judy

    Wow! We got exhausted just reading your question! In all seriousness, you are NOT alone. One of our founders, Julia, is the mother of twin 6-year-olds. And you just have to look around you to see that we all seem to be in (more…)

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