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Person of the Week

With only $3,000 and determination, Cindy Cashman and a partner started Newport House, Inc. and published the now best-selling blank book, EVERYTHING MEN KNOW ABOUT WOMEN (written under the pseudonym of Dr. Alan Francis). (more…)

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  • See where your money's going and how much you've still got.
  • Sort your spending by NEEDS and WANTS. . . in color!
  • Tell late fees to kiss your assets! We email you before bills are due.
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    True Confessions


    The past couple years, it got to where I couldn't stand to hear one more happy face yapping about buying a house. Even my dumb friends were getting rich. (more…)

    Talk to MoneyPants

    My parents have no money to send me to college. I can borrow the amount to go to a top university. How do I figure out the pros and cons?

    That's a very big question, and your feelings are probably mixed. But no matter what you decide, you'll learn that there are good student loan investments and bad ones, and nobody is better qualified to decide (more…)

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