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MoneyPants Theatre

MoneyPants Theatre
Person of the Week

Dominic Tocci co-founded a network of websites to help animators and creative types like him show off their clever cartoons and get paid. His animations have been seen my millions, and our personal favorite is his "I Can't Afford My Gasoline" clip. (more…)

CashTrack Preview

Our Budgeting Program Rocks!

  • See where your money's going and how much you've still got.
  • Sort your spending by NEEDS and WANTS. . . in color!
  • Tell late fees to kiss your assets! We email you before bills are due.
  • Tax time? Relax! Your expenses are organized. Just hit "Print"!
  • Simple to setup--nothing to download or install.    Sign up now!
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    True Confessions

    Want a Credit Card, Little Girl?

    Remember high-school algebra? Me neither. A class on the perils of credit card debt would have been far more useful. (more…)

    Talk to MoneyPants

    If you don't have any money, why open the mail?

    If you don't have any money, you wouldn't have a place to get mail. But let's assume you bought the mailbox and the house attached to it when you did have money. Ignoring bills won't make them go away. Sure, you could (more…)

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