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Person of the Week

Barbara Kavovit (a.k.a. barbara k!) has gone from building skyscrapers to building confidence with a line of tools for women that brings new meaning to the phrase “power women.” As a single working mother who's enjoyed success in the male-dominated construction industry, Barbara hopes to inspire and motivate other women to achieve independence. (more…)

CashTrack Preview

Our Budgeting Program Rocks!

  • See where your money's going and how much you've still got.
  • Sort your spending by NEEDS and WANTS. . . in color!
  • Tell late fees to kiss your assets! We email you before bills are due.
  • Tax time? Relax! Your expenses are organized. Just hit "Print"!
  • Simple to setup--nothing to download or install.    Sign up now!
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    True Confessions

    The Bold and the Bountiful

    “Oh, what the hey,” I said. “Let’s just try.” We’d been lazing with the Sunday paper, but it betrayed us. “LAST PERFORMANCES!” it blared, about a play we’d intensely wanted to see. We’d talked about it…taken note of the lofty price….regretfully decided to do without. We’d done this dance so often, it almost seemed we’d seen the play after all. But we hadn’t. And if we didn’t move RIGHT THIS MINUTE, we never would… (more…)

    Talk to MoneyPants

    I missed work because of two family emergencies right before Christmas. Now I have bills due and no money to pay them. Do I pay them late & deal with late fees, or do I write checks that will bounce and have to pay those fees? Please help!

    Dear Stressed, We're sorry to hear about your emergencies and we hope everything turned out okay. We suggest that you get on the phone right away and call your creditors. Tell them the (more…)

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