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Aliza Sherman is the Original Cybergrrl, an Internet pioneer and thought leader. She's also an international speaker and writer on women's empowerment issues. Her most recent project is a book about her travels around the country in a restored 1977 Dodge RV with her two chihuahuas. (more…)

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    True Confessions

    Pasadena Dreamin'

    Iíve avoided restaurants and shopping malls this year because I put myself on a budget (going well since Iíve started tracking my spending) and a diet (not going so well as Iím working hard and eating to compensate). I challenged both on Saturday when I took the day off and went to Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena (of Rose Bowl fame). (more…)

    Talk to MoneyPants

    I am committed to paying off my credit cards ($25,000 worth). Here's my question - should I take a loan out from my 401k - at an 8.25% interest rate, to pay down a credit card with an 11.99% interest rate? On paper it looks good, but I know I will be missing out on the amortization of the money in my 401k. On the other hand, I would be paying myself back, and not the credit card company. Is this a smart move?

    Congratulations on taking steps to pay down your credit card debt. However, we do not think it's a smart move to borrow from your 401(k). You're a smart cookie because you've pointed out yourself that the 8.25% interest rate (more…)

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