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MoneyPants Theatre

MoneyPants Theatre
Person of the Week

Tracy Glover breathes new life into the ancient art of glassblowing with her hand-crafted lamps and vases. No mere accesories, her creations have a permanent place in the Clinton Library in Little Rock and the Detroit Institute of Art in Michigan. Her sculptures of glass have also graced the White House Christmas tree and are displayed in galleries, exhibitions and homes around the world. (more…)

CashTrack Preview

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  • See where your money's going and how much you've still got.
  • Sort your spending by NEEDS and WANTS. . . in color!
  • Tell late fees to kiss your assets! We email you before bills are due.
  • Tax time? Relax! Your expenses are organized. Just hit "Print"!
  • Simple to setup--nothing to download or install.    Sign up now!
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    True Confessions

    Baby Steps

    I never really understood my relationship with money until my world was shattered a few years ago. My husband was at a friendís house. I was at home with my 7-year old son. While picking up leaves in my backyard, I got a phone call from a crisis intervention specialist who told me to go the nearest relative and wait for the next phone call. (more…)

    Talk to MoneyPants

    I missed work because of two family emergencies right before Christmas. Now I have bills due and no money to pay them. Do I pay them late & deal with late fees, or do I write checks that will bounce and have to pay those fees? Please help!

    Dear Stressed, We're sorry to hear about your emergencies and we hope everything turned out okay. We suggest that you get on the phone right away and call your creditors. Tell them the (more…)

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